California Citrus Nursery Board

3.12—Laws and Regulations

County Restrictions



All shipments of citrus nursery stock and propagative material must be held for inspection at destination and be accompanied by either:

- a certificate indicating freedom from the listed pests, or

- a certificate of treatment for the listed pests.


Fresno, Glenn, Imperial, Kern, Madera, Riverside, San Diego, Tulare, and Ventura Counties.


Fresno, Glenn, Kern, Madera Counties (Intercounty)

Treated or free from red and yellow scales, and citrus bud mite.

Imperial County (Intra- and Intercounty)

Treated or free from red, yellow, and purple scales, and citrus bud mite.

Riverside County (Intra- and Intercounty)

Restrictions include Citrus spp. nursery stock, budwood, equipment and appliances.

  1. Entire County, treated or free from purple scale.
  2. Area east of the range line between R1W and R2W including Beaumont, Banning, Coachella Valley, Desert Center, and Palo Verde Valley, treated or free from red, yellow and purple scale.

San Diego County (Intercounty)

Shipping permit required plus;

  1. Borrego Desert Area, east of R3E and R4E S.S.B.M., treated or free from red, yellow, and purple scales.
  2. All other areas, if accompanied by a shipping permit and a California Nursery Stock Certificate, material need not be reported and held for inspection.

Tulare County (Intercounty)

Treated or free from red scale and citrus bud mite.

Ventura County (Intercounty)

Treated or free from red, yellow and purple scales and citrus bud mite.


For scale pests:

  1. Atmospheric Fumigation—Methyl Bromide 100% - EPA SLN No. CA 890037.
    See SLN treatment schedule.
    Keep fumigated stock from sunlight and wind for 48 hours.
    Do not oil treat citrus nursery stock within 14 days prior to methyl bromide fumigation or damage is almost certain to result.

For scale pests and citrus bud mite:

  1. Combination oil plus malathion—EPA SLN No. CA 890037.
    One gallon of light medium oil emulsion or light medium emulsible oil plus 2 lbs. of Malathion 25 spray or 8 fl. oz. of Prokil Malathion 8E in 100 gallons of buffered water.
    Above materials may be applied as a dip or thorough spraying with a power spray rig, using dosages indicated.

For scales, mealybugs, mites, and whiteflies:

  1. Dip or Spray Drench—Lorsban 4E + 415 oil
    -EPA SLN No. CA 890037
    4.7 ml. of Lorsban 4E plus 19 ml. of narrow range 415 oil per gallon of water, or 16 fl. oz. of Lorsban 4E plus 64 fl. oz. of narrow range 415 oil per 100 gallons of water.
    Dip—Totally submerge plant material for two minutes, remove for one minute, and submerge again for one minute in an agitated mixture. Remove and let dry.
    Spray Drench—Spray thoroughly the trunk, branches, leaf buds, top and bottom surfaces of foliage to the point of run-off. The dip or spray drench mixture must be continuously agitated throughout the treatment procedure.
    For use on non-bearing citrus nursery stock and plant propagative material.


Those nurseries that desire to avoid the use of treatments may be eligible to be put on an "Approved Nursery" list by the county. Each county will forward to Pest Exclusion headquarters in Sacramento the names and addresses of those approved nurseries in their county. Treatments may be waived based on an ongoing pest control program using sound pest control practices. A written compliance agreement (see attached sample) must be entered into with the Agricultural Commissioner, outlining the responsibilities of the nursery toward maintaining a nursery free from the listed pests. An inspection of the nursery or shippable nursery stock shall be done prior to issuing a certificate.



Brokaw Nursery, Inc.
P.O. Box 4818
Saticoy, CA 93007

Durling Nursery, Inc.
40401 Deluz Road
Fallbrook, CA 92028

C & M Nursery
P.O. Box 383
Nipomo, CA 93444

Flynn Rainbow Nurseries
2500 Rainbow Valley Blvd.
Fallbrook, CA 92028

La Verne Nursery, Inc.
1001 Nashport Street
LaVerne, CA 91750

Click here to see Sample Approved Nursery Compliance Agreement for Red, Yellow, and Purple Scale/Citrus Bud Mite

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