California Citrus Nursery Board

5.12—Industry Organizations

International Society for Citriculture

International Society of Citriculture (ISC)

The objectives of this organization shall be to promote and encourage research, exchange of information, and education in all aspects of citrus production, harvesting, handling, and distribution of both fresh fruit and products through:

  1. Sponsorship of an international congress every three to five years at such places as may be suitable, with the provision that the papers and transactions of said organization shall be promptly published as a Proceedings. In between these major international congresses, the Society may sponsor occasional regional meetings on specialized topics.
  2. Preparation and distribution to its membership of such information as from time to time comes to light and is deemed to promote the objectives of this organization. A newsletter should be sent to all members at least once a year. An editor shall be appointed to produce the Newsletter.
  3. Development and promotion of international cooperation in the acquisition of and exchange of information valuable to those engaged in research, education, production, and distribution of citrus.

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