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Pesticide Use Reports


California’s pesticide use reporting program is recognized as the most comprehensive in the world. In 1990, California became the first state to require full reporting of agricultural pesticide use in response to demands for more realistic and comprehensive pesticide use data. Under the program, all agricultural pesticide use must be reported monthly to the county agricultural commissioner, who in turn, reports the data to DPR.

California has a broad legal definition of "agricultural use," so the reporting requirements include pesticide applications to parks, golf courses, cemeteries, rangeland, pastures, and along roadside and railroad rights-of-way. In addition, all postharvest pesticide treatments of agricultural commodities must be reported, along with all pesticide treatments in poultry and fish production, as well as some livestock applications. The primary exceptions to the full use reporting requirements are home and garden use and most industrial and institutional uses.

All pesticide use forms can be found online at:

These include:

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