California Citrus Nursery Board

3.9—Laws and Regulations

Moving and Cutting Permits


Citrus Nursery Stock (Section 3407, CCR)

All citrus nursery stock moving within California must meet the requirements of the “Citrus Tristeza Virus Interior Quarantine.” (CTV)

County Agricultural Commissioners should be consulted for details.


CITRUS NURSERY STOCK – Fresno, Glenn, Imperial, Kern, Madera, Riverside, San Diego, Tulare and Ventura Counties have announced that restrictions will be enforced governing the movement of citrus nursery stock, including budwood, into and within these counties to prevent further distribution of certain citrus pests. Consult County Agricultural Commissioner for details.

  1. Conditions of Movement. Unless accompanied by a moving permit or under a cutting permit citrus and budwood shall not be transported or moved:
    1. From the (CTV) quarantine area except to another portion of the quarantine area or except when authorized under permit.
    2. From the regulated area except to another portion of the regulated area or to the quarantine area or under permit to the suppressive area.
    3. From the suppressive area except to the (CTV) quarantine area, to another portion of the suppressive area under permit, or under permit to the regulated area.
  2. Moving Permits for Movement into, within, or from the Suppressive Area. The agricultural commissioner at origin may issue moving permits authorizing movement of articles and commodities covered into, within, or from the suppressive area provided that the articles and commodities have been tested for tristeza to the satisfaction of the department and no evidence of tristeza was found, or all buds, cuttings, scions or top-worked trees used in the production of the trees, or being moved as such are from source trees or trees in a nursery increase block which have been so tested.
  3. Cutting Permit Required for Taking or Moving Budwood Within the Suppressive Area. No buds, cuttings or scions of host trees described shall be cut or otherwise taken from such trees within the suppressive area or moved within or from any such area for propagation, unless a cutting permit has been secured from the agricultural commissioner prior to cutting or taking or moving same. Cutting permits may be issued within the suppressive area provided the source tree has been tested for tristeza to the satisfaction of the department and no evidence of tristeza was found. Such a cutting permit shall set forth the amount and kind of buds, cuttings, and scions in the shipment accompanied thereby and the name and address of the consignee.
  4. Movement in Transit through the Quarantine Area. Articles and commodities covered originating outside of the (CTV) quarantine area may be moved through such area without delay or diversion in wrapped bales, bundles, or closed containers, or in a closed conveyance into which no other articles and commodities covered are placed while within the quarantine area.

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