California Citrus Nursery Board

3.10—Laws and Regulations

Arizona Import Requirements


Arizona requires California Citrus Nurseries to meet the following requirements for shipments into the state.

  1. All shipments require a Certification of Quarantine Compliance (CQC) and inspection by local agricultural officials prior to shipment.
  2. Remove any ”colored up” fruit, green fruit okay.
  3. Plants must be free of ALL nursery stock pests
  4. Tag trees with labels containing the following information:
    1. Scion
    2. CDFA#
    3. Rootstock
    4. Name of shipping Nursery
  5. Treat shipment with approved product to kill California Red Scale: example – Lorsban and Oil
  6. Contact the Arizona Department of Agriculture to notify about shipment arrival date.
  7. See following sheets for more information

Arizona Department of Agriculture Contact Information:

Phoenix Plant Services: 602-542-4373

Tucson Plant Services: 520-628-6315

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